My Teacher
My favourite teacher is my English teacher Ms Wu .Her English name is Lannie .She is a beautiful lady. She is very humorous. But sometimes she is very strict with us. But all classmates love and respect her very much. After class she often helps us learn patiently. I like my English teacher , because I think she is the best teacher in the world.


My favourite teacher is Miss Huang. She is a beautiful lady. She has two big eyes, a high nose and a little red mouth. There is always a smile on her face. Miss Huang likes singing and collecting posters. She is good at playing the piano. In the evening, she always sits in front of the piano and plays nice music. She is good at dancing, too. Sometimes she teaches us dancing. Miss Huang likes dogs very much because the dog is very friendly and cute. Her favourite color is blue. Because blue is the color of the sky and the sea. This is my favourite teacher. Our classmates all like her very much. 譯文: 我最喜歡的老師是黃老師。她是一位漂亮的女性。她有兩隻大大的眼睛,一個高高的鼻子和一張小小的紅脣。她的臉上總帶著笑容。 黃老師喜歡唱歌和收集海報。她鋼琴彈得很好。晚上,她常常坐在鋼琴前彈奏優美的樂曲。黃老師跳舞也很棒。有時她也會教我們跳舞。 黃老師非常喜歡狗,因為狗很友好也很可愛。黃老師最喜歡的顏色是藍色,因為藍色是天空和海的顏色。 這就是我喜歡的老師。我們班的同學都非常喜歡她。


My teacher is a language teacher, I even named her medium height, slender build very, very white skin, thin face, long hair. At high straight nose, her smile on his white teeth. Teachers have a pair of big eyes, worse, and I have a small back Xiang Li said, Suddenly I heard the name of teacher, I look back and see the teacher uses the eyes looked at me sternly. I anxiously pretend seriously today, I think I will never have dared to make a small case. Teachers work very hard for every day she patiently taught us very early to go to school to learn to read. counseling our homework. Her health is not very good, but she still adhere to our school. Teachers of our study was very strict, whenever we did not complete homework, No matter who she has relentlessly criticized him. As I recall, in a language at home is dictated word, I listened to three little words, thinking no big deal. be next morning, she discovered that I did not finish the work, I go to the podium. She hit me with the paddle while CFS, a serious side to me : "We must be completed on time after homework!" Teachers like my mother showed us We have much respect and love her.




Rules are very important to our life.
Why rules are important? Rules make those who tend to commit crime not to do so; rules protect the citizens in a country; rules make our world a better place to live.
Everytime we open our newspaper, we can see crime happen arround us. If rule does not exist, these crime will be doubled, or tripled. These make the human life not protected.
Hence, rules are very important to our life. It give us a better life and let us feel secure.
(題目應該是:rules are very important to our life吧???)
I had a cat six years ago . It was black . So I called him Old Black . It liked catching mice .When it caught the mice, it was so brave ! It also liked eating fish . When it ate something, it always shook its head , how lovely !
Every time when I went home, Old Black alaways came to the door to welcome me . It always lop my feet gently , and it made me very comfortable .
Now Old Black isn’t with me . It was sent to one of my relatives by my parents . I was very sad . But I always miss him . Old Black is my best friend and I like him forever .
My teachers and I
Hi ! I’m a student of Grade Six in SIP No.2 Experimental Primary School . I have a round face and wear a pair of glasses . At school I always study hard , but Sometimes I’m a naughty boy . I like playing football very much . I usually play football with my friends after school . I’m also a football fans . I like watching football matches . How exciting ! David Beckham is my favourite football star .
At school , my Chinese teacher is Mr Liu , my maths teacher is Miss Huan and my English teacher is Ella . They work hard . they help me a lot with our studies . They are all nice teachers . We love them very much .
The National Day holiday
On National Day holiday, I went to Lake Tai with my family . We played a lot of things and had a lot of delicious food there .
On Monday we went fishing . I fished a big fish . It’s red . Oh , we also rode a horse too . The horse I rode was very strong and handsome . It can run very fast .
On Tuesday we went to a farm . we got some fresh food there and cooked by ourselves . We cooked vegetables, fish and chicken soup . Then we tasted them together . Mmm , how fresh and yummy ! We all had a big meal .
We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our holidays there . I’d like to visit there again .
My friend
My friend Amy is a very beautiful girl. She has short hair and big eyes. Her mouth is very small. She is my good friend. I like her very much.
Amy goes to school by school bus. She works very hard every day.. Her father and mother are workers. She likes her parents very much.
Amy and I are good friends. I like playing with her. We always help each other.
My holiday
It was a long and busy holiday . We left Shanghai on May 1st and got to Hangzhou on the 2nd. On the first day, we went to Shanghai by plane. I visited my grandparents and saw East Jewel with my parents. On the third day, I rowed a boat and visited the East lake and ate good food. I bought presents for my friends. We got back to Chongqing by plane on the 4th. On the fifth day, I did my homework. The last day of the holiday , I relaxed and prepared to go back to school.
My holiday
My holiday was very fun. Because I went to YunNan with my father , mother and my brother......
Every day I had fun with my brother. On Monday I went to liJiang. I ate good food there On Tuesday, I went to Kun Ming. I bought a cap. I sang and
Danced there. On wednesday, I went to Dali Hai. But I
was very sad. On Thursday, I climbed mountains, I took many pictures there. On Friday, I went to xishuang BaiNa. I saw elephants there. This is my holiday. Then elephants was very big.
I was very happy during my holiday.
My sister
6.2- 蘭妮
My sister is Alice. She is very lovely. She has long hair .Her hobby is flying kites. She likes collecting stamps too. Her favourite fruit is apples. She likes noodles very much. She is a good girl. She often helps her mother do the housework. She is very kind. She has many friends in her school. She likes riding bikes with me. This is my sister. I love her very much.
My holiday
6.2 陳雪箐
My holiday was very fun.
On Wednesday morning, I went to my school with my friends. We played games on the playground. After a while, we were tired. In the afternoon, I went to my friend’s home. It was my friend’s birthday.
First , we watched TV together. Then , we went to a restaurant . We ate dinner and birthday cake there. Next we played computer games in his home. In the evening, I went home happily.
On Thursday and Friday, I did my homework.
On Saturday, I went to Fu Ling. I visited my aunt and uncle. We had fun together.
On Sunday. I cleaned my room with my sister. We were so tired.
This is my holiday. It is an interesting holiday!

Winter is one of the four seasons in a year. It is cold in winter. We can play with snow. Everything we can see is covered by white. It is really beautiful. Rivers and lakes become ice. So we can not only skiing but also skating in winter. When winter is coming, it means a new year is coming. For celebrating , we often eat together with all family. It is very sweet and happy.
冬天是一年之中四個季節之一。 冬天很冷。 我們可以和雪玩耍。 我們所看到的一切都被白色所覆蓋。 那真的很美。小溪和湖都結成了冰。 在冬天我們就可以不光滑雪,還可以滑冰。 當冬天到來預示著新的一年也即將到來。 為了慶祝新年,我們經常和家人坐在一起團聚吃飯。 那真是有幸福有美好啊

Last saterday ,our class went hiking together.and this is very interesting,I think I will never forget it.
on the way,we are all very happy,some people were talking something,some people were catching some animals,others were singing a song .At noon ,we had lunch together .Exciting and interesting,dark
was coming,we had to go home last.

第一篇:my hometown is a beautiful place.
In the spring,everything become green,the grass come out,there are flowers everywhere.
In the summer,it's very hot,you can hear birds chirping in the tree and frogs singing in the riverside.
In the autumn, everything become yellow,the fruits are mature,and wheat is ripe,it's the
harvest time.
in the winter, it snows here. Everything is covered with whiteness.
How beautifel my hometown is!But I like winter the best.I can make a snowman and play outdoor.It is so exciting.
第二篇:My Home Town
My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice.
But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. Many people had no work. They lived a hard life.
In 1949 my hometown was liberated. Since then great changes have taken place there. The streets have been widened. Factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another. The life of the people is greatly improved.
I love my hometown. All the more I love its people. They are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful.
第三篇:my hometown is a beautiful place.
In the spring,everything become green,the grass come out,there are flowers everywhere.
In the summer,it's very hot,you can hear birds chirping in the tree and frogs singing in the riverside.
In the autumn, everything become yellow,the fruits are mature,and wheat is ripe,it's the
harvest time.
in the winter, it snows here. Everything is covered with whiteness.
How beautifel my hometown is!But I like winter the best.I can
make a snowman and play outdoor.It is so exciting.

The Flu 小學六年級英語作文

Today I feel very sick when I get up, then my mum comes to touch my head, she says it is a little hot. Then mum takes me to the hospital to see the doctor, with some examination, the doctor says I get a flu and gives me some medicine.Then we go back home, I miss my classmates and teacher.


My favorite small animals is the rabbit.
Rabbit is a little chubby, whose body covered with the fluffy hair, it looks like a ball of cotton in the distance. Two long ears set on the head which will stand up towards if the slightest noise occurred. A pair of eyes embed in the eye socket, it is like two rubies. The rabbit`s nose is flat, it eat the food with three-lipped mouth. The most interesting thing is that rabbit`s small tail which looks like a small wool ball and sticks to the bottom.
It likes to eat carrots,potatoes,lettuce,and so on.
I love rabbits, mother said that she allows me to feed a lovely rabbit when i grow up one day.


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