It's the story about a lazy, irreverent slacker panda, named Po, who is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around...which doesn't exactly come in handy while working every day in his family's noodle shop. Unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy, Po's dreams become reality when he joins the world of Kung Fu and studies alongside his idols, the legendary Furious Five -- Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey -- under the leadership of their guru, Master Shifu. But before they know it, the vengeful and treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung is headed their way, and it's up to Po to defend everyone from the oncoming threat. Can he turn his dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master into reality? Po puts his heart - and his girth - into the task, and the unlikely hero ultimately finds that his greatest weaknesses turn out to be his greatest strengths.


The story was so well done. It's full of heart and of course set for the family. I enjoyed the atmosphere that they made for the movie. It was so ancient china and enjoyable. Each and every character had their own personality and Po was no exception.
Sorry parents and teenagers, there's no jokes directed to make us laugh. Their are cute moments that make you laugh but as stated for the kids. The thing that made me continue to watch was the amazing action sequences that just lets you sit back and stare in awe.
I recommend seeing this. It's cute, the story is entertaining, and you cheer for Po the whole time in his journey to become a Dragon Warrior.

求一篇 英文的 觀後感

複製 阿甘正傳觀後感 Mr. A Gan has his own perseverance, keeping on running without of any reason, JUST RUNS. He said: “Man has t look forward, and never encumbered by foretime. I thank that's the meaning of my running.” Say goodbye to foretime and don't stay in-place. Although so many people in the world are used to follow others and few people can stick to one thing, Mr. A Gan does and becomes “GOD”. There is another character Captain Dan. Dan lost his legs in Vietnarm War. He said that his fate is death in war. However, Mr. A Gan saved him and let him be alive. After losing legs, Dan was decadent and disgusted with life, complaining that A Gan shouldn't save him. When he adjusted his mind, living on fishing with A Gan, he started to enjoy the wonderful life and thank A Gan's help. The movie is intended to tell people that life is wonderful by this character. Rainbow is always after cloud. The key point is that whether we have a good mind and an opportunity to ourselves to change bad situation. The movie is also sent such a message to us: do well what we should do, and life will return us well. There will be a miracle if only there is perseverance.


KuangFu Panda is an interesting movie.First, Po is a big panda,he is very fat,but he has his own dream.Po want's to be a Great master,to save people in bad life by kuangfu.The Shifu teachs him how to fight,and make him to save the world.At last,He beat Tai Lung.Po had many friends, Monkey,Master Viper,Master Tigress,Master Mantis,Master Crane......I thought he is a great panda.He is a hero!I want to be the 2nd Po,to be a hero!


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電影《肖申克的救贖》The ShawShank Redemption 觀後感。
Hello, everyone, my topic today is “The ShawShank Redemption”. Prison as a special place for prisoners is part of the society. It’s special because of its depriving the freedom of the prisoners. The prisoners in that situation are more sensitive to freedom than people in other situations. When they lost it, they found that it was so necessary to them that they looked forward to regaining it. By contrast, the people lived in the political society were interested in courting the fame and gain. They lost most of their inherent character. They put their soul into the fence of their own. They gave up the freedom of thinking. They forgot their original dream. The demands of the spirit were materialized to a position or some numbers.
A prisoner spent almost all the life in the prison. When he got the parole, which was applied for many years but without reply, he didn’t feel happy, but sad. He wanted to go to the prison again. He wanted to live in the place he knew. In the prison, he was a key who had knowledge and position. But when he went out of the prison, he found he was only an old man without anything. He couldn’t finish his work quickly because his hands had suffered the arthritis. Unfortunately, he even had no power to struggle. As a result, He chose to suicide because it was the only thing he could do by himself.
Red was a superman in the prison. He could find things that weren’t in the prison at all. But when he went out of the prison, he could do nothing. He lived in the fear and felt so lonely. He loved freedom but he couldn’t realize his value. In this film, Red said, “Hope is a dangerous thing. Drive a man insane. Nothing will take place here. You’d better get used to the idea. These walls here are kinds of funny. At the beginning, you hate them, then you will get used to them. As time passes, you will depend on them. That's institutionalizing.”
In this film, Andy as the symbol of the hope lived in the prison for 20 years. He remained his dream all the time. On one hand, he looked forward to getting freedom. On the other hand, he believed that he was innocent of the murder. The real reason was his profound thought about hope. In his opinion, hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing, and no good things ever die. It makes a strong man save himself, and a great man save another one. According to this idea, the life in prison for 20 years did not made Andy give up the hope, but made him comprehend the meaning of the life. In fact, hope is a mood without ambition but it really exists.
The sky, the sea and the beach compose a romantic picture. When Andy and Red, two weather-beaten friends, saw each other again in the island, all hardship of 20 years made Andy tougher and their friendship get harder as the same.


提供為奴十二載 12 Years a Slave (2013)的英文觀後感,400單詞,見附件。



At the first time I saw the film, I was deeply touched by the naught and lovely twins, Especially the first time they were met at the school. It is very interesting, then I was touched by the content of the film, I think the love Is very important In our life, whenever you are, wherever you live, no matter what the situations we face, love is always in there, in our heart, it not changed by the environment we are, the true love is not change, it is can make us feel great no matter what the mood we are in,
The film gave me a good lesson about love after I saw it, the love about parents, the love between family members, from the film we can seen that the time has make the family apart, they live far away from each other, but what makes the family reunion, I think all the people can know the reason, it is about love, because they love each other very much, although they are apart along time, but the heart get close each other, the good end of this film can tell us above.
The true love is not changed by other peoples, in the film, the Meredith want to marry Nick because his property, but endless, so I think money can make many things come true, we can many things we want, when it comes to love, money can not make love come true forever, I think this film is a good example about life, so we should love each other in the family and cherish the relationships we made.


Well, guys, just finished this awesome 25mins-long short-movie, it's really fantastic, not only because the cute panda, actually, he just a narrater this time, it' s talking about Furious Five's childhood, and each of them present a excellent character, all right, not only characters but also personal traits, patience, encourge, discipline, confidence, compassion. Strongly Strongly recommand kids to watch this educational film, well, yep it can be educational, but it's really funny and brilliant visual one, and guys, just like the last version of Kung Fu Panda, it's also suitable for u - adults, esp. kidults~ guys let's have more great Cartoon, keep your heart young~!


One meets its destiny on the road he takes to avoid it
Your mind is like this water, my friend , when it is agitated ,it becomes difficult to see ,but if you allow it to settle , the answer becomes clear.
Quit don’t quit. Noodles don’t noodles.
Yesterday is history Tomorrow is a mystery But today is a gift That is why it’s called the present (the gift)
There are no accidents
but there are things we can control
I can control when the fruit will fall
... And I can control
What time to seed
7.烏龜:是啊 不過無論你做了什麼,那個種子還是會長成桃樹,你可能想要蘋果 或桔子,可你只能得到桃子,那個種子還是會長成桃樹。
Yes, but no matter what you do,
That seed will grow to be a peach tree
You may wish for an Apple or an orange
But you will get a peach
But peache can not defeate Tai Long
烏龜:也許它可以的 ,如果你願意引導它、滋養它、相信它。
Maybe it can if you are willing to guide it , to nuture it , to believe in it .
you cannot leave ,real warrior never quits.
師傅:那你為什麼不退出呢? 你知道我一直想把你趕走,可你還是留下來了。
Why didn’t you quit ? you know I was trying to get rid of you
but you stayed
Yes ,I stayed .
I stayed ,because every time you threw up brick on the head
or said I smelled ,it hurts.
But it could never hurt more than I did everyday in my life just being me .
I stayed ,because I thought ..
If anyone could change me ,
could make me not me ,
it was you
the greatest Kong Fu teacher in the whole of China!
9. 阿寶,天不遂人願,況且這本不是天意,阿寶,忘了其它的事情,你的使命一直都在向你召喚。
I'm sorry things didn’t work out …
It’s just what it’s meant to be
Paul ,forget everything else ,your destiny still awaits.
We are Noodle folk
Broth runs deep through our veins
The secret ingredient of my secret ingredient soup is...nothing.
To make something special ,you just have to believe it’s special


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