After completing my A-level studies, I know that I want to study mathematics at a higher level; I would like to explore the link between mathematics and financial behaviour (Economics, Business, Management)Mathematics is a subject I became fascinated with in my college. It had intrigued me because I always get great pleasure from solving difficult mathematical problems. My A-level studies have provided me with a strong introduction. I now seek a greater academic focus and more extensive research opportunities by taking a university degree in mathematics.As my studies have developed. I have realized that mathematics is the foundation of every science, we can use mathematics to solve many problems. I started to touch maths very early, when other children focus on toys I started to do some simple maths. One thing i remember clearly is when I was in Year 4, my teacher left my class a Year 10 level question as a challenge. I spent a few hours attempting to do it, but was still stuck on some stages. I never gave up. I tried to ask my mother for help, and after I got some tips from her, I totally understood this question, and solved it immediately. This experience made me more ambitious to learn more about mathematics, and was a catalyst for me to join the Maths Club in my City. In this club we got the best teachers. They did not just teach us how to pass the exams, but helped us to think about questions logically. Having acquired this habit, when I attempt a question I always try to find a logical way to explain it. After 2 years concentrated study in mathematics I represented my City in the national competitions for mathematics and I got into the third round. My parents always attach importance to my maths result. They sent me to a mathematics summer school every year, and I liked them because this led me to be the top math student in my school. Outside Sixth Form, sport is my favourite activity, especially basketball. I like to play it with the local people, because I can practice my speaking skills by talking to them, and I was an active member of the basketball team. This further helped me to develop my interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. Each week, I spent most of my spare time participating. Also I can play the keyboard, and have a Level 4 certificate. During my double maths studies, the balancing act will prove extremely useful as I seriously dedicate myself to my academic study while also maintaining time for my hobbies and relationships.Two years ago I got the opportunity to continue my studies in this country. It has been a fantastic experience for me; to study in England is a dream for lots of students and I have loved every minute of it. The people, the culture and the environment all sparked my interest in every day living in England. My personal characteristics of hard work, dedication and commitment make me ideally suited to mathematics. I am extremely eager to learn and discover more about the world of mathematics. Beyond that my ideal vocation would be in the field of actuary. I know this will take a long time, and mathematics is the vital thing to reach the goal. No matter where I study, I will pursue a rigorous mathematics course. However, I want to immerse myself in a cross-cultural experience in a place that fascinates me, based on my experiences, I know England is the place.




Dear Brown,
It is my pleasure to recommend Li Ming, my good friend, for his application to work in your company. His qualifications are University. His major is Networks engineering program. He is fluent in foreign languages and understand the japanese point of He is an enthusiastic and progressive young man with high potentiality. He is not only quick at learning but also good at solving difficult problems with logical mind. I am sure that it will benefit your company if he can work for your company. I strongly recommend him to your company.


To Whom It May Concern:
It is my great honour to recommend XXX(你的名字) to you, as she/he was one of my best students in our department.
XXX has been attending my English classes in the Department of XXX for more than 3 years and the deep impression she made on me has not faded in the least. She/He is very intelligent, honest, creative, articulate, outgoing and adaptive person. She/He is extramely fancy about learning English and always performances positively in my class. Her/His high academic achievement speaks for itself.
I am certain that XXX would make great contributions to your company,and I strongly recommend her for the position.(如果是出國讀書的推薦信就說i am certain taht XXX would be qualified for the entry requirement of your University), Please do not hesitate to inquire further if I can be of help to you.


WPRD: 441
Reference Letter
Dear Sir or Madam:
This is to recommend ***, a graduate from *** university majoring in Architecture Design , for acceptance into your programs.
I have known *** as a resourceful and goal-oriented individual since 1990, when he attended a lecture I delivered, at which he asked perceptive and challenging questions. Although he did not officially take a course with me, he often consulted me on issues arising out of his studies. I thisefore have come to know his well. I feel strongly that *** ’s unusual talents and abilities will stand his in good stead for a quality *** education, which should serve as a major boost to his career.
While at this university, *** was an outstanding student, boasting excellent performance in all subjects of his studies and demonstrating great potential. His overall GPA ranked his among the top 3 in his class of 40 students. But *** was no bookworm devoted exclusively to exams. He read extensively in subjects outside his major, particularly in ***, all of which seemed to be fascinating to his. In recognition of his intellectual strengths, the department offered, at the time of his graduation, to accept his into its graduate without the normally mandatory examinations. He, however, turned down the offer. A highly independent man, he already had his own agenda set. He wanted to obtain practical management experience first and then proceed to pursue a Master’s Degree in Business Administrative in your country. He apparently made the right decision, for he has since become one of our most successful graduates in his crop of students.
*** is good at communicating in both oral and written English. Some of he most important undergraduate courses were taught by American professors, many of whom considered his oral English as native and his written English as standard. I am sure that he has since improved his English a lot more in his professional life.
In *** , we all saw an optimistic and easy-going character. With highly unusual determination, he is not to be daunted by any difficulties. He believes that, with hard work, he can achieve anything he wants. I think his confidence in hisself is well grounded in his track record, especially when considering the fact that he entered into this university as the daughter of a most impoverished family, but graduated as a top student.
Judging by what I know of his, I think *** is fully qualified to pursue an *** degree in your program. I therefore recommend him with enthusiasm. And I shall greatly appreciate if you can favorably consider his application for admission and financial aid.
Yours sincerely
*** ***


Qianjin College of Continuing Education
801 Quxi Road
Shanghai 200031
Dear Mr. Dean,
Miss Xu Hongqing is a graduate student of English under my supervision. She had had two years' teaching experience before her admission to the graduate program. Having studied here for over a year, she has demostrated her talent both in language learning and in research work.
As the summer vacation is drawing near, she wishes to have a chance of teaching English at your summer session. In view of her capability and knowledge, I would like to recommend her to your TOEFL sense of responsibility, and enthusiastic commitment to work would make herself popular with her students.
Thank you for your time.
Yours sincerely,

藝術類英語推薦信, 急求一封出國留學用的藝術類推薦信。 望高人指導

Dear Admissions Officer:
I am writing this letter to support the admission of Wenli Lee to the Harvard Business School. I was Mr. Lee‘s teacher and advisor for several years between 1993 and 1995. We have met and talked several times since.
Mr. Lee‘s academic credentials are truly exceptional. He not only knows how to reason with numbers, but how to render incisive and imaginative arguments in English. Unlike most of the students I have taught from China(about 60 over the past 20 years) Lee immersed himself in American culture. He composed a joke as part of his first presentation analyzing a local plan. It worked. His classmates laughed and I was witness to masterful culture spanning. Lee came to us a confident individualist uniquely suited to cultural cross fertilization. He earned straight A grades in all my classes. Whether rendering a spread sheet analysis, crafting a graphic or writing a report, Lee always demonstrated uncanny mastery combined with critical wit. While many of the Chinese I have taught performed excellently in class, Lee alone has composed essays and talks that met the sensibilities and tastes of American classmates. Even more importantly he offered new ideas which they (and myself) could comprehend and even assimilate.
Lee has a deep reservoir of talent and ambition. He has already accomplished a great deal in the face of considerable challenge. He has worked hard bridging the cultural gulf separating the Chinese and American ways of life, and produced an impressive record for one who has enjoyed no special privilege. Lee possesses and uses an easygoing manner and spirited conviviality to put people at ease. He can make small talk, but quickly moves conversation toward more challenging and interesting topics. Lee‘s group leadership combines small "d" democracy, intelligent judgment and gentle persistence. He learned early on the painful lessons of coercive collectivism, and has learned how to anticipate and even tame adversarial relations. I have every confidence that he will use these considerable skills to tackle organizational problems on a larger scale.
While a student in our graduate program, Lee took a job helping recovering drug addicts in the suburban community of Harvey. Harvey, an aging industrial suburb with an impoverished African American population, does not usually attract the interest and attention of foreign students from Asia. Lee swam against the strong currents of racism and fear associated with minority neighborhoods. Furthermore, he did so in a manner that added value to the community. Lee has labored for the ABC Authority, a large public bureaucracy, and currently works as a private marketing and research firm. This diversity of experience represents a crucial resource for Lee. He does not simply take jobs, but weaves these experiences together into a framework for understanding American institutions from the inside out. Finally, Lee plays with Americans. He does not hide out in Chinatown or the Chinese cultural center. He rock climbs and sails. He can tell hip from hoopla.
Lee is smart. But more important he has acquired wisdom in the culture of both China and the U.S. He wants to expand his considerable fund of wisdom and use it to provide cultural scaffolding for commercial ties between the U.S. and China. Lee‘s ambitions and abilities are in sync. He is poised and prepared to take this next step in an exciting journey. Not only will faculty and students thank you for admitting such a fine candidate, but so too will those employees, customers and citizens who will benefit from his future employ.
David Smiths Professor of ABC University


Monsieur le Président;
j'ai l'honneru de reco,,qnder à votre bienveillance MMM ,diplomée de notre Université-Départe,ent de français-Année 1983。
Cette étudiant a travaillé sous ,a direction pendant la dermière année de son cycly universitaire en quatre ans et s'est classée parmi les mzilleurs éléments de sa promotion,
J'ai pu apprécier les qualités de finesse et de compréhension de la langue franàaise qu'elle manifeste tant dans la maitrise de la langue orale qe dans la correction de la langue écrite:
Son intérét la porte à des travqux de traduction de textes littéraires ou pls généraux:






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